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YRC is a company which ships freight packages under brand YRC Freight. It was founded in America, its headquarter is situated in Overland Park , Kansas. It is a transportation company which delivers freight packages from one destination to another either domestic shipping or international  YRC shipping. YRC was situated by Grover Cleveland in 1906. It is one of the best freight shipping company in America which delivers on time and provides a facility of both domestic and international shipping of the package. After some time of establishment for increasing the capital of and expanding the business, he makes a partnership with A.J .

YRC freight is nowadays one of the leading LTL experts, as YRC freight is specialized in handling or transporting various types of goods and articles across all over the world. YRC includes the services in Canada, Mexico, and USA, it also operates in Alaska, Guam, Hawaii and Puerto Rico . YRC provides the guarantee of delivery for the services provided by it either by air or ground means of transport. The main aim or focus of YRC to provide best services , loyalty and security to its customers.

YRC is being considered as the biggest subsidiary in all over the world, it has the facility of delivering the commercial, industrial and retail goods. YRC provides the delivery on time and also a very good YRC customer service number which can give you the answer of all of your queries . All of the services provided by YRC are based on internet which allows them to provide supply chain management with customers. YRC gives you the secure way of delivering your package or parcel from one location to the another destination location, YRC provides the facility to its customer of getting their transportation process .

Steps included in freight shipping are –

  • YRC, first of all, prepare your package for shipment to the destined delivery location.
  • After preparing, YRC labels your each and every piece of package or parcel of your shipment.
  • After labeling your package YRC completes the bill of your package which is to be lading or we can say the bill of lading.
  • The next step of YRC is to arrange a pickup for the receiver, when he will be available or when will the package arrive at the destination location.
  • After completion of all these steps you can easily follow your freight shipment.

So , as we know that YRC is a very good freight delivery company which takes care of time of delivery of product and the convenience of their customers. There are various services which are being provided by YRC some of them are-

  • Standard service: In this service of YRC , if you wants to deliver your package in any state of United States, Canada or Mexico then the standard charges are applied for having the services in these locations. The maximum delivery of time of shipment in these locations is of one day . YRC provides the guarantee for shipment of the package only on working days or business days .
  • Accelerated service: When you needs to deliver any package urgently or in the situation when time is your topmost priority at that time you can choose this service of YRC. In this service, YRC provides you the fast , cost-effective and reliable delivery of your package at the delivery location. In this process, your shipment is delivered through the accelerated network of YRC which is typically based on the timeline. The major benefit of this service is that delivery is also placed on weekends i.e , on Saturday’s and Sunday’s.
  • Time-critical service: In this service the time and date both are defined means this service defines the date and time at which the package needed to be delivered. For time-critical service, YRC has the dedicated team which works like a light fastening speed which provides customers 100 % satisfaction.

We learned a lot about YRC freight now, we will be going to know that how can we track our shipment status with YRC services.

How to track and trace YRC Freight package

It is not very difficult to track your YRC package you can easily track your YRC shipment through its online tracking system. The only thing that you needed to have is your shipment tracking YRC Phone number. After substituting your tracking number you will easily get the status of your shipment completely . You can track your package any time from anywhere just by entering your YRC tracking number or PRO number. Now, below we will discuss how we can track the shipment step wise step.

How can you track your shipment online?

Step – 1: First of all you need to go to the website of YRC freight tracking or for a direct visit you can also follow the below-mentioned link of YRC.


After clicking on the link you will see a window like this in front of you –

Step – 2: Now, if you have login id and password of YRC freight then log in to your account by just clicking on the login option present at the right side top corner of the screen.

Step – 3 : Now after it , if you have only one tracking number then type that tracking number in the given box in the open window.

Step – 4 : If you have more then one tracking number or you want to track more than one shipment then you can do this , For this you only need to select the option of Multiple pro entries which you will fond just right side of the box in which you type the tracking number. Click on that option many boxes will open in front you can add up to 10 tracking numbers at one time to track your shipment status.

Step – 5 : Next, after adding the shipment number in the given box you need to click on the option of FIND SHIPMENT which is presented just below the box .

After clicking on it you will get a new screen in front of you having all of the details regarding your shipment status.

How to track YRC freight package through mobile app

Previously we learnt that how we can track YRC freight phone number shipment online . YRC has its own app which provide all of the facility so below we are going to know that how we can track our shipment by using YRC freight mobile app step by step .

Step – 1 : First of all you need to open google play store and type YRC freight in the search box and press enter . Then a screen will appear in front of you like this .

Step – 2 : Now , click on the install option which is present at the mid right corner of the screen .

Step – 3 : After clicking on the install option a popup window will open in front of you asking for the permission of installation, you need to click on the accept option which is present at the mid right corner in green color box . Click on it .

Step – 4 : Now , after accepting wait till the downloading begins and completed.

Step – 5 : Next, you need to install the app , basically google play automatically installs the app to your device. After installation of app open it .

Step – 6 : When you open the YRC freight app a list will get open in front of you on the screen from this list you will see the first option of tracking. Click on that first option.

Step – 7: After clicking on it a new screen will get appeared in front of you with three boxes. In these boxes, you need to type the tracking number of your shipment. If you have only one tracking number then type it in one box and other in other box if applicable. You can track 3 shipments simultaneously by using YRC freight mobile app.

Step – 8 : Next, after typing the tracking number or numbers of your shipment you just need to press at the go option which is just presented below these boxes.

So , after that you will get all of the details of status regarding you shipment on your mobile screen.

We come to know about the YRC company and its brand YRC freight which delivers the freight shipments from one location to another . Our main focus was to know that how we can track our YRC freight shipments status . SO , we learn about two different methods of tracking which are very simple and easy to use . We hope that you will be going to track your shipment easily without facing any problem after following the above mentioned steps. If you find any difficulty or problem in YRC Freight tracking then you can ask your query with us .

Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQ )

Ques – 1: What is the format of YRC Freight tracking number?

Ans: The format of YRC freight tracking number is –

YRC freight tracking number is also known as YRC PRO number, it generally of 9 or 10 numbers in numeric digits like 999-999999, 999-999999-9


Ques – 2: How can I contact to the YRC customer service?

Ans : YRC has a very good service for it customers which is of Customer care service which is available 24 hours. For contacting to the customer care you just need to follow the below steps –

Step – 1 : First of all type the appropriate customer care number of YRC according to your location and dial it .

Step – 2: Now, let the robot to speak then

  • Press 1 for the pickup or you can also say pickup.
  • Press 2 for the tracking or else you can say track a shipment.
  • Press 3 for the rate quote or either you can also say rate quote.
  • Press 4 for the guarantee or else you can also say Guarantee or expedited.
  • Press 5: for more options, if you do not find the suitable option for you or also you can also say more options.

So, you can choose any of the option based on your requirement. YRC has different customer care number for different locations, some of them are –

YRC tracking number US     – 8006106500

YRC tracking number Canada  – 8773303321

YRC official address          – www.yrc.com ( YRC website )

Toll-free number             – 18006106500

YRC freight volume sales number – 18006106500

Exhibit Coordinators          –  18005313976

Customer care email address    – customer.service@yrcfreight.com


Ques – 3: How can I find my YRC booking number?

Ans : Your YRC PRO number or tracking number of shipment is known as booking number. So, your PRO number is basically your booking number.


Ques – 4: How many shipments can I track at the same time?

Ans: You can track more than one shipment and maximum of 10 different shipments at a single time by getting the status of all of your shipments in the single click.


Ques – 5: What are BOL and BOL number?

Ans: BOL stands for Bill Of Lading. You get this bill of lading at the time of the process of shipment of your package and pasted on it . Your PRO number or BOL number are same so, we can say the BOL number is basically the PRO number.

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