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USPS ( United States Parcel Service ) also known as post office , US mail or postal service is an independent agency of United States federal government which is responsible for providing postal services in United States . The post office department of USPS was created in 1792 and in 1971 it was transformed in US postal service as an independent agency . The USPS is the operator of largest civilian vehicle fleet in this world . US mail is the oldest service provided in United States but now a days it has to be compete with private package delivery service like UPS ( United Parcel Service ) and FedEx .

The United States postal service ( USPS )

What is USPS Tracking number and How it works?

Employee around 61700 workers which makes it the third largest civilian employer in United States behind federal government and Wal Mart . The vehicle fleet of USPS consist of around 211,264 vehicles under it . From February 2013 , the USPS or postal service makes an announcement makes an announcement that on Saturday that on Saturday they will only deliver packages , mail – orders , medicine , priority mail and express mail . Now a days they are delivering the package on Sunday only for . There are different delivery policies and key elements of USPS while preparing package for delivery . Let us discuss a little about them –

Track USPS Packages

According to this key element the destination or delivery address should be left – justified and should be located roughly at the center of mail piece or package’s largest side . The space on the address side of object is defined by these boundaries –

Left 1/2 inch ( 13 mm ) from the left edge of the piece,

Right 1/2 inch ( 13 mm ) from the right edge of the piece,

Top 2 – 3/4 inches ( 79 mm ) from the bottom edge of the piece,

Bottom – 5/8 inch ( 16 mm ) from the bottom edge of the piece.

The preferred location of the return address is in the upper left portion of the mail piece at the side of piece bearing postage stamp . The postage stamps , meter imprint , information basic indica should be affixed at the upper right corner of the address side of package .

How long USPS keeps Record of Tracking and Confirmation of Delivery?

The consignment or parcel should have the address of recipients which should be clearly visible and legible at the side of the parcel containing address .

Return address [ Customer sending the mail ] 

The return address on the parcel indicates the USPS that where the sender wants to get return of package in delivery attempts failed due to any cause . The usage of return address is required in some mails like priority mails , express mails , periodicals in envelopes or wrappers , insured mails , registered mails and parcel services .

Postage payment 

All of the packages going to be delivered must include the appropriate and valid postage. Postage payment can be completed in the form of stamps , stamped stationery , precancel stamps , postage meter imprints and PC postage products ( Postage evidence systems ) or permit imprint ( indica ) . Members of the U.S Congress among the others have a privilege which requires only signature.

Dead mails: Those mails which are undelivered or returned , like mails without having return address are considered as dead mail at the mail recovery center in Atlanta, Georgia or Saint Paul, Minnesota.

Format of writing address on mail piece or delivery package

Line 1 – Name of recipient

Line 2 – Street address or P.O. Box

Line 3 – City , State and ZIP code

The format of return address is also similar as the delivery address . The official recommendation of USPS is to use all upper case block letters with proper format and abbreviations and leave out all punctuation except for the hyphen in ZIP code . If your address will be unusually formatted or illegal then it will require hand processing or delaying of that particular item . The USPS publishes the entirety of their postal addressing standards .

The USPS also offers the postal address verification tools and services and third party companies to help in ensuring that mail is delivered by fixing formatting , appending information like ZIP code and validating address is a valid delivery point . You can look up for the ZIP code and verify addresses using USPS web tools which are available on the official USPS website and Facebook page as well as on the third party sites.

Delivery point validation ( DPV ) provides you the highest level of address accuracy on checking In a DPV process the address is checked against the AMS data file to ensure that the address exists as an active delivery point, the USPS does not offer DPV validation on their website.

United States Postal Service Postage stamps 


The actual postage can be paid by

* Stamps purchased online from or at a post office or from a stamp vending machine ( Automated Postal Center ) which can also handle the package or from the third party ( like various stores etc ).

* Precanceled stamps for bulk mailings

* Postal meter

* Prepaid envelope

* Shipping the labels purchased online and which are printed by the customer on standard paper .

All unused or remaining U.S postage stamps issued since 1861 are still valid for postage on their indicated value . Stamps which are not having any value shown or denominated by a letter are also still valid , although the value depends upon the particular stamp which is being used . For some of those stamps which are issued without printed value for them the current value is the original value , for some stamps which were begin in 1988 or earlier including forever stamps were issued in April 2007 and all of the first class mail stamps were begin on 21-01-2011 , the value is the current value of first mail . The USPS calls them the forever stamps having a generic name i.e, non – denominated postage . Forever stamps are solding at the first – class mail postage rate at the time of purchase but are always valid for first class mail no matter how the rates rise in future .

USPS Postage meter 

A postage meter is a mechanical device which is used by USPS customers for creating and applying physical evidence of postage on mailing matter or package . The country’s postal authority manages the postal meter like in the United States the USPS ( United States postal service ) specifies the rules for the creation , support and use of the postage meter . The postage meter imprints the amount of postage , functioning as postage stamp , a cancellation and a dated postmark all in one meter . The meter stamp serves as a proof of payment and eliminates the need for adhesive stamps .

In addition of using the standard stamps , postage can now a days be printed in the form of an electronic stamp or e – stamp from your personal computer using a system which is called information-based indicia . This online PC postage method relies upon the application software of the customers computing USPS contact with a postal security device at the office of postal service.

There are a lot of services which are being provided by USPS . Major services of USPS are mentioned below –

USPS Priority mail express ( Formerly express mail )

* In this service overnight delivery of the package is guaranteed in most of the locations .

* On Sundays , holidays and in morning at 10:30 am the delivery of shipment is available at some additional charges for delivery .

* You can also get the insurance of $ 100 for your article or parcel .

* You can track the status of shipment easily .

* Envelopes for flat rate are available , other pricing of the item varies with respect of weight and distance.

USPS Priority mail 

* Normally the delivery of the parcel in this service is conducted within 1-3 days of the shipment which depends on the origin of shipment .

* The delivery on time is not guaranteed it might be delayed depending on various circumstances .

* USPS international tracking via delivery confirmation is now available from January , 2013 for all priority  mail shipments .

* Envelopes and boxes ( various sizes ) of flat rate are available free from the postal store and the other pricing various according to weight , size and distance of the shipment .

* Tracking of package is available .

* Insurance of $ 50 for retail and of $ 100 for commercial parcels is available from July 28 , 2013 .

USPS First – class mail 

* In this service of USPS the delivery of parcel is conducted in between 2 to 3 days .

* This service is mostly used for the delivery of letters and small packages .

* Rate of the shipment varies according to size and weight but do not depend on the distance of the delivery location .

 USPS retail ground ( formerly Parcel post ) 

* This service of USPS is very cheap but slow delivery service for packages .

* This service is specially designed for the very large or heavy packages for first class which uses surface transport .

* It generally takes 2 to 9 business days in delivery of the parcel which are contiguous , 4 to 14 days for the internal delivery like in AK / HI ) territories , 3 to 6 weeks for the delivery in between mainland and outlying areas ( transportation is by ship ) .

* Pricing is variable depending on weigh , size and distance of the product .

* It includes free forwarding if the recipient has filed the change of address form or return if the item is undelivered .

Media mail ( formerly Book rate ) 

* In this service the delivery of only books and recorded media takes place .

* It is free of any advertisement means no advertising .

* Pricing is done only by the weight of the parcel .

* The transit or delivery time is same as the delivery time of Parcel post .

* This service is generally cheaper then the parcel post but it is bound in restrictions on the package content .

Library mail 

* This service is same as the media mail but it is cheaper and restricted to academic institution , public libraries , museum etc .

Note : The post office does not delivers the package which are heavier than 70 pounds ( 32 kg ) .

 Bulk mail 

In this facility of USPS discounts are available for the large volume of mails depending on the level of postage , some conditions like minimum number of pieces , weight limits , ability for USPS to process by machine , USPS readable barcode etc .

Extra sevices of United States Postal Sevice 

USPS provides the additional services on an additional fee which depends on the type of mail .

1 – Certificate of mailing : This service or facility of USPS provides the proof of the date of the package when it is mailed .

2 – Certified mail : It provides the proof of mailing and a delivery record . It is used for serving the legal documents and for sending the U.S. government classified information up to the confidential level .

3 – Collect on delivery ( COD ) : This service allows the merchants to offer customers an option of pay on delivery up to the charges of $ 1000 . It also includes the facility of insurance .

4 – USPS tracking : This facility provides the proof of delivery for sorting  facilities , local post office and Destination and required no signature .

5 – Insurance : This facility is for the shipping insurance against the loss or damage for the value of goods mailed .

6 – Registered mail : It is used for the highly valuable or irreplaceable items . Those items which are delivered through registered mail service are transported separately from other mails in locked containers . Tracking is available for registered mail and insurance of up to $ 25000 is also available .

7 – Return receipt : The return receipt actively sends the signature confirmation back to the sender by postcard or emailed PDF  .

8 – Restricted delivery : This services allows you to deliver your item to the specific person or to an authorized agent not just in the mail box or post office.

9 – Signature confirmation : This facility requires the delivery signature of the receiver which were kept in file . The online tracking system will display the first initial and the last name of the signatory person .

10 – Special handling : This service is specially for unusual items like live animals , evidences , livestock’s etc .

So ,this was all about USPS , these are the functions and facilities provided by USPS for its customers of United States .

Now , the next thing that comes is how will you track your package after delivering it to the destination location. We will later in this article come to know the methods by which we can track the status of our USPS package . You can track your package easily and comfortable just from your home with several methods of tracking which are provided by USPS . Let us discuss them.

How to track USPS package online on web

Step – 1: First of all you need to open the official website of


Step – 2: After clicking on the link you will be redirected to the official site of USPS a new window will get open in front of you like this

Step – 3: Next , if you want to change displaying language then you can click on the option of language which is present at the top slightly right side corner of screen . A list will open with languages and you can choose your preferred language .

Step – 4: After choosing the language next you need to go to the option of Track & manage which is present in the menu bar at second option . Click on it.

Step – 5: When you click on the Track & manage option a list will open in front of you on the screen with several options . From these options you have to select the first option which is of Tracking. Click on Tracking option .

Step – 6: After clicking on tracking option a new window will get appeared in front of you like this.

Step – 7: Now , you have to type the tracking number of your package in the provided box . Remember that you can add up to 36 different tracking numbers of different packages in one time and can get the tracking details in just single click ( Make sure to press enter after typing one tracking number ) .

Step – 8: Now after typing the tracking number in the provided box you have to click on the track option present at the right side of the box .

After clicking on track option you will see a new window opening in front of you with the complete tracking status of your package.

So this was all about USPS ( United States postal service ) . USPS is a very popular and cheap mailing or delivery services providing in the United States with a lot of great and new additional features . We told you about the use of USPS , how it works , the facilities and services which are being provided  by USPS to it’s customers and later on we come to know that how we can track our USPS package or parcel with help of the tracking number provided by USPS . Hope you will not be going to face any problem in tracking your package with USPS as it is very simple to track your package by using the above-mentioned steps , if you face any problem regarding USPS package the you can contact the customer care or you ca also share your problem with us will will be happy to help you by solving your query .

Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQ’s )


Ques – 1: Where can I find the USPS tracking number?

Ans : When you ship your parcel from USPS office or post office in return you are provided with a bill or receipt of shipment of your package . On that particular receipt below the barcode you will find the tracking number of USPS as shown in the red circle in the following image of USPS priority mail receipt .

Ques – 2: What is the format of USPS tracking number?

Ans : The format of USPS tracking number varies with the service of USPS you are choosing –

* USPS tracking : 9400 1000 0000 0000 0000 00

* Priority mail : 9205 5000 0000 0000 0000 00

* Certified mail : 9407 3000 0000 0000 0000 00

* Collect on delivery hold for pickup : 9303 3000 0000 0000 0000 00

* Global express guaranteed : 82 000 000 00

Ques – 2: What is the contact number for USPS customer care?

And : For any query or complaint regarding your shipment or package you need to contact to the customer service provided by USPS .

The number at which you can contact to the USPS customer care is for mail service issues 18002758777 and for any mail theft or identity theft you can contact on 18002758777 . So for any problem you can contact on these numbers depending on the problem .

Ques – 3: I have listed my receipt of USPS can I still track my package in any way?

Ans : No , you will not be able to track any of your package if you have listed the bill or receipt and also not having the tracking number . As for tracking your package you require your tracking number of shipped package for getting the status of you parcel.

Ques – 4: How will I be able to know that who has sent me the package?

And : If you have received any unknown package or parcel then you need not to worry to get the identification details of the sender you will be able to see the return address on the envelope at the upper left corner of the package from where you will be able to know that who is sending you this package .

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