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UPS also known as the United Parcel Service is the world’s largest and more popular courier service which is delivering the packages from one place to another in whole world , it is one of the largest and wider logistic company situated at the global level in the market of export and import of packages. UPS completely focus on the happiness of its customers and providing the best delivery services to its customers.

UPS Tracking Store

It is situated at both levels domestic level and the international level which means that UPS delivers the product in United States and even in the other countries also.If you are having any emergency delivery or needs to deliver your package on the urgent basis either any document or any package then it becomes very important for you to choose a good courier service which is reliable and deliver your package on time. Yes , you can use UPS with full trust it will deliver your urgent packages on correct time by using its special features and facilities available for such customers.

As you can see that this company is situated at the global level so the services of UPS are also spreaded in a very large area of more than 220 countries in the whole world. This delivery service is also cost-effective it does not create a burden over your pocket, you do not need to pay much more amount for delivering your package it is completely reliable and easy to use service. UPS is having it’s headquartered in Sandy Springs, Georgia. UPS is delivering the packages on a very large scale from one country to another country at different scales on an average the UPS delivers around 15 million of parcels for more than 7.9 million customers in all over the world.

UPS Tracking Service

Most of the customers prefer and trust in UPS for delivering their products or parcels as it cares and handles the articles with proper care which present in the parcel so that it will not get the break if contains any breakable item. This courier company was founded by the James Casy on 28 August , 1907 in this starting time this company was only situated at a very small scale where the courier was delivered with help of bicycle or on foot but recently the company is at a very large scale with the different means of the transportation among 220+ countries. UPS focus and aimed that it deliver the packages and product of customers to deliver it on correct time so that the trust will never break. The operating unit of UPS completes the work in 3 different segments which are –

1 . US domestic package

2 . Supply chain and Freight

3 . International package

USPS Tracking Number

So , today we are sharing the different methods of tracking the UPS package location. At the time of giving your package in UPS for delivery in return you will provide with a tracking number which is very important for you. This tracking number helps you in tracking your package it is also known as the tracking id which will be going to help you a lot after the product ships for delivery.

UPS Tracking by number

Tracking any package of UPS with help of tracking I’d is very easy and simple we are now going to tell you the methods and you just need to follow these simple steps your tracking number is present on the bill of UPS. There are basically 4 different type of methods available for the tracking id. These formats are as follows –


* 1Z99999999999999

* T999999999

* 999999999

* 999999999999

Tracking Methods for UPS

Now , having a look over these different methods of tracking the UPS package.

Tracking the package by using UPS tracking ID

As we told you that how to Track Package using USPS tracking number is clearly written on the bill which you get from UPS center after giving your package for shipment. We are going to use this number now for tracking your package just follow these simple steps which are provided below for tracking your package –

Step – 1 : First you need to open the official website of the United Parcel Service which is or you can also visit to the website by simply following the below-provided link just click on this link –

Step – 2 : After clicking the above link you will be redirected to the official page of UPS.

Step – 3 : Next , you need to choose your current location by simply clicking the option of location which is present at the top right corner of your device screen. Click on it and select your current location where you are living currently.

Step – 4 : Now , at the menu bar you will see the option of tracking. Click on this option a list will appear in front of you. From this opened list you need to select the option of track shipment which is also the first option of the list.


Step – 5 : As you click on the following option of track shipment you will see a new window will get appear in front of you like shown below. Now, you have click to tell option of track number which is the first option a box type structure will get open on the screen.

Step – 6 : In this box like option you will be able to type your tracking I’d which you have received from UPS. You are able to type maximum of 25 different tracking numbers in this single box and can track all of them at single click. Keep in mind that you will not be able to enter more than 25 tracking numbers and one number in one line you need to press enter after every tracking Id.

Step – 7 : Now , you have to click on the option of Track which is present at the right side corner of your screen. Before pressing the track option just recheck each and every thing.


So by simply using the above-mentioned steps you can simply track your consignment with help of it. So , you can see how simple is this just follow the steps and get the full details of your package.


Tracking the package with UPS info notice

When any delivery attempt fails then UPS gives the customer a UPS info notice number, you can also track your package by using this info notice number thinking how, we will tell you just have to follow these steps –


Step – 1 : Again you need to first go through the official website of UPS with help of this below link.

Click on this particular link and you will be sent to the home page of UPS.


Step – 2 : Now , after visiting to the home page you will see at the top right corner of your screen their is an option of location you just need to click on this particular location and then select your current location from the opened list where you are living right now.


Step – 3 : After selecting your current location you will again see at the menu bar there is an option of tracking click on this tracking option a list will get open in front of you. From this opened list you will have to select the first option which is track shipment.


Step – 4 : As you click on the option of track shipment you will be redirected to the new window where at the left side you will see a box at which written as tracking or info notice number. In this box, you can simply type up to 25 different info notice number for tracking different consignment at the single click. Now, type all the numbers which you want to track.


Step – 5 : After typing the info notice number in the box you need to click on the option of track which is present at the right side just below the box.


Now , you will be easily able to see the complete tracking details of your package on the new window after clicking on track.

Tracking package with help of UPS reference number 

Here you will know how to Track package by USPS Reference option.

Step – 1 : First of all simply visit to the official website of UPS by going to the below-mentioned link directly. Click on it


Step – 2 : Next you have to choose your current location where you are residing by simply clicking on the option of location present at the top right corner of your screen. Select your location.


Step – 3 : Next from the menu bar select the option of tracking and then click on it till a list gets open from this list choose the first option which is of track shipment and click on it.


Step – 4 : After clicking on the option of track shipment you will see a new window gets open in front of you from which you have to select second option which is of track of reference. Click on it and then select the option of shipment type as package from the three option provided.


Step – 5 : Now , you have to type the shipment reference number in the next box available which is of about 35 characters in the alphanumeric form.


Step – 6 : Next , you will be going to select the data range of shipment and mention it their.


Step – 7 : Now, you will be asked for selecting the account here you have to select the account of that person who has delivered the package or you can also use any other account of UPS if you are having.


Step – 8 : Next , you will be needed to choose the delivery country location in the box.


Step – 9 : After choosing location type the zip code of that place where the parcel is needed to be delivered.


Step – 10 : Now, again at last recheck each and everything for any mistake And then at last click on the option of the track which is present at the bottom right side of the box. You will be given all of the details related to your package after this click.

Tracking the UPS package with help of email facility

Now, we are going to introduce with another method of UPS Tracking by Mail is very simple and easy to use you just need to send an email and in return, you will get the full details of your package. Let us know how to use this service or facility of UPS –


Step – 1 : First you need to go to your mail account. Open it then go to the section of composing mail theirs.

Step – 2 : In the field of the subject you can type the tracking number or if you have to track more than one number them simply type the subject as track.

Step – 3 : Now , in the next box where you need to type a message here just simply mention all of the tracking I’d you wanted track keep in mind you can not track more than 25 tracking I’d at one time.

Step – 4 : After doing all this send this mail to the following mail id

After receiving the mail UPS will send you the reverse mail with the full tracking detail of your packages.


So , here in this article we give you the brief idea of UPS and tells you some different methods of tracking your UPS package these methods are easy and simple to use you will be able to use them by just simply following the above-mentioned steps and track your package without having any problem. We have tried to clarify each and every method in detail so that you will not face any problem but if any problem arises then you can simply contact us we will be there for your help. You can also contact the customer service of UPS by simply calling to this toll-free number 18001027171 for solving your query or problems related to shipment or delivery or any.

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