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TNT Express is a transportation network at global level . TNT provide its services at very large scale across the world there are several countries in which TNT provides its service in Europe , Asia Pacific , Middle east , Africa and America . It was first started in 1940 in Australia. TNT grows its network every year on a large scale, nowadays TNT is a subsidiary with FedEx. The main aim or focus of TNT express is customer satisfaction, they tried and tried a lot to meet the demand and needs of customers by improving them regularly. This is the reason that the tracking system of TNT is very easy means you can easily track your package by TNT courier tracking without any problem it has very simple steps that can be performed by anyone.

The package or consignment tracked by you should be on the real-time basis as TNT uses the real-time facility. There is a huge network of TNT , it works in a chain for supplying or delivering the parcel to the customer , they believe that there must be a strong relationship between customer and the company so they always tries to improve themselves according to customers feedback , the new tagline of TNT which is “ People network” clearly explains their motive . We can say TNT is a trustworthy and reliable company which has integrity , transparency, and compliance for everyone. People open searches the TNT Tracking India, TNT Tracking China and much more country where it provides its TNT Tracking International services.

As you are aware that TNT express provides delivery facility of parcels to the customer . Every one who has sent the consignment or the one who is waiting to received it they always eager to know that where their parcel has been reached . By above paragraph, we have known a lot about TNT and what it does , now we wanted to track our consignment. In below article, we will be going to tell you that how can you track your consignment easily and effectively without facing any problem.

You just need to follow those given steps and you will successfully trace your consignment.

How to track and trace the courier status

As we have known earlier that TNT has designed its TNT Express tracking service in such a manner that it appear very simple and easy to the customers and they can easily track their courier delivery status on web just sitting at your home . SO follow the below-provided steps to track your consignment –

Step – 1 : First of all you need to open the official site of TNT express according to the location of your residence or you can follow the below-provided link .

TNT Express

After clicking on the link or opening the official site of TNT track and trace a window will appear in front of you like this.

Step – 2 : After it you need to first of all select the location in which you live . You will get the option of location at the top right corner of the screen . From there you can easily select the location of your country easily .

Step – 3 : After selecting the location , you need to type your consignment number in the given box . You can type last 10 different tracking numbers of your parcel at same time in the given box .

Step – 4 : Now , after typing the tracking number click on the track option which is present at the bottom right side of the screen .

Step – 5 : After clicking on track option you will be successfully able to get all of the details or status of your consignment.

Note : These above steps were for the tracking of domestic parcel but if you need to track your international parcel then you need to click on the option saying “ track an international shipment here” . You will find this option with red color at downside of your screen as shown in the image .

So , by following these steps you will be easily able to track your consignment delivery status.

TNT tracking by Using Mobile App

You not only can track your package by using TNT express online but you can also track your package by using TNT mobile app . You can get this app on google play store or apple store as it is available for both android and apple users . This mobile app has been developed by TNT express team so you can trust on it and check the status of your delivery. For tracking your consignment by using TNT express app follow the below mentioned steps –

Step – 1 : First of all you need to go to the google play store on your android mobile phone . Now , type “ TNT express or TNT tracking” in the search box .

Step – 2 : After searching for TNT express the window will get open and from there click on the install option presented at the right side corner of your mid screen .

Step – 3 : After clicking on install option , google play store will ask for the permission you need to allow it for this click on the accept option present in front of you at your device screen .

Step – 4 : After giving permission your download will begin instantly , wait till the downloading gets completed and install the app after downloading or it will get automatically installed .

( Take care that you have make allowed the option of unknown sources for installing app if not then, first of all, go to mobile setting and click on security option there you will find the option of unknown sources allow it , so that you will be able to install you app )


Step – 5 : After , it opens the TNT tracking app on your mobile phone and skip all of the steps showing on screen by just clicking on the skip option at the right side top corner of your device.

Step – 6 : After skipping a window will open in front of you in which you will see a option of log in at the top right corner of screen where you can log in by using you mail id and password . ( Skip this step if you do not want to log in or register to the app )

Step – 7 : After log in you will be redirected to the home page of the app , here you will see a box in which you have to type the 9 digits consignment number given to you for searching the delivery status .

Step – 8 : After typing the consignment number click on the search icon for tracking the status of your delivery parcel .

After clicking on search icon you will get all of the details that where is your parcel and when you will get it to you .

Benefit :

1 . By using the mobile app facility of TNT tracking you can easily track your shipment or can receive the latest information of your consignment.

2 . This app also gives you facility of calculating shipment price by inserting all of the necessary details regarding your parcel like weight , destination point , time etc.

3 . You are able to explore that how fast will the delivery take place by TNT express.

Note : If you face any problem in downloading or installing the TNT tracking mobile app then you can mail your query or problem on . You can contact them for any help they will revert you by mail or call for solving your query.

Tracking TNT consignment by using SMS facility

If you do not find the above methods appropriate or wanted to use another easy method then TNT also provides you the facility of SMS tracking . You can easily text your consignment or shipment number to TNT and they will message you back with the status of your parcel . For using this facility follow the below mentioned steps –

Step – 1 : First of all open the message box on your mobile then in message field for consignment tracking type [ C <space> consignment number of 9 digits ] and for reference tracking type [ R <space> Reference code ] .

Step – 2 : In the box of contact or mobile number type +447740767767 (normal charges will apply).

Step – 3 : After performing both of the steps click on send option. After sending your SMS you will receive a reply from TNT express with all of your shipment status.

So , you can see that this a very easy step for getting your delivery status.

Tracking your parcel by using email service

We come to know different methods of tracking TNT parcels like online tracking , SMS tracking , mobile app tracking . Now , we will know about another tracking method which is of tracking via email . This is another very simple method of tracking your TNT consignment by using email facility . The best part of this facility is that you can track 50 consignments by using email service at a single time. You are able to send your consignment number and reference number of your package for tracking . You can track your shipment via email facility by just following the below mentioned steps –

Step – 1 : First of all you need to open your email  like or wherever you have your account . No go to the compose email option of your mail id .

Step – 2 : Now , in the section of subject you need to type C ( if you wants to track your consignment number ) or type R ( if you wants to track your references )

Step – 3 : Now , in below option you need to type the consignment numbers or reference numbers in each line up to 50 .

Step – 4 : After completing above steps send this mail to .

Step – 5 : In just few minutes of sending your mail you will receive a reply mail from TNT with the updated delivery status of your max 50 consignments . You will get this mail in your inbox .

So , by following the email facility of TNT you can easily track the parcels in bundle , means you are eligible to track more than 1 consignment last up to 50 consignments in just single click.

In this article of TNT, we come to know various things like what is TNT , what it does, its facility or motive but our focus was to let you know that how you can easily track your TNT consignment status. We come across 4 different methods of tracking the shipment provided by TNT

  • First one was tracking your shipment by using web facility.
  • Second method was tracking your consignment by using mobile app of TNT tracking .
  • Third method to which we come across was tracking by SMS . This method also helps you in tracking your consignment when you do not have internet connection .
  • Fourth or last method which is of email tracking, this method let you to track maximum up to 50 consignments status at single click at one time .

The all methods are provided step by step so that you will not face any problem at the time of tracking and you will definitely be going to track your shipment details in just very few time by using these methods. So , we hope that you will like it and easily perform your desired tracking method. In case of any problem you can contact us we will be happy to help you.

Frequently Asked Question’s ( FAQ )


Ques – 1: What is the  TNT tracking shipment number?

Ans : You are able to find your parcel’s shipment number on the confirmation mail , your consignment note or the collection manifest. So, you can easily get it from there.


Ques – 2: What is customer reference number by TNT used for tracking?

Ans : This is an optional service provided by TNT at the type of booking of your shipment. You can get this reference number at the time of booking of your shipment. In case you do not have the reference number then you can also use the shipment number for tracking.


Ques – 3: Where do I find my tracking number?

Ans: You can find your parcel tracking number on the receipt of TNT express bill . If you have your log in details then you can log in with your email id and password or in another case you can also type this tracking number to track your consignment.


Ques – 4: What is the format of TNT tracking number?

Ans : The tracking number of TNT is only in the numeric form which is of 9 digits like 574342572. YOU can easily find this number on TNT billing receipt.


Ques – 5: How does the tracking data processed by TNT?

Ans : There are total five stages to which you can track your consignment. These five stages are –

1 . Collecting: This status is shown just after the parcel gets collected from the sender.

2 . Processing: This status is shown when the parcel is gets processed and shipped from the main hub of the TNT.

3 . IN transit: This status is shown to you when your parcel is on the way of delivery via vehicle or cargo to its destination location .

4 . Delivering: The status of delivering is shown to you when the delivery is attempted by the delivery boy.

5 . Delivered: This status is shown by TNT after the delivery of your consignment at the destination location.


Ques – 6: Which type of parcels can be tracked?

Ans: You can track all of the shipment completed by TNT like :

  • Air freight shipment
  • Air charter shipment
  • Dedicated vehicle
  • All international delivery
  • All domestic or local delivery
  • Express package
  • Economy express shipment


Ques – 7: What is the TNT customer care number?

Ans : The customer care number of TNT is 0800100600. You can contact for any help to TNT by using this contact number.

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