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Hong Kong tracking is the postal service which is running in the Hong Kong, this postal service is running by the government of Hong Kong which delivers the parcel and letter of the people from one place to another for both domestic and international, it is also operating as of the trading fund. The postal service of Hong Kong was founded in the 1841 and at that time this was named as the Postal Department or the post office till the 1997 but later it was renamed to Hong Kong post denoting its origin.

Hong Kong Post Tracking

The Hong post is the sub-member of the Universal postal union from a long time started around 1877 , it is totally separated from the china post and do not have any link in between them. At the time of British possession in the 1842 some merchants were traded to Hong Kong from the two sides of Victoria Harbour at that time they were complaining for the absence of postal services as at that time there were no proper postage facility in Hong Kong for delivering letters and due to that complaint and seeing problem of the citizens the postal department was introduced in Hong Kong. This department was first founded in the 1841 on August 28 but this was not a post office were the work takes place it is just a head office, the post office was first situated in 1841 at 12 November near the site of St. John Cathedral.

In the starting days, the facility of the post was only limited to the Royal people and was known as text royal mail service but later on 1 May 1860 it was get started for all people with the service of Postmaster general so that everyone who is residing in Hong Kong can avail the facility. In the starting of postal service, there was no facility of stamps but the letter on as the payment method postal stamps come to existence in around 8 December 1862, at that particular day the first postage stamp was issued for Hong Kong. Before this only to British stamps were in the trend which was used by the British troops and the other local residents of Hong Kong were not allowed or have any access over text British stamps.

Hong Kong Post

Till then Hong Kong gets under China in 1997, the mails were serving for the British colonies which were using the British forces post office number known as BFPO 1 . The automatic mail facility of the office was introduced in 1989 which was independent and the required machines in the general post office were also get installed in it. As like other countries Hong Kong is not having any system of postcode although one postcode is under the consideration since 2000 but is not in the existence till now. The postmaster general and general manager of the post office trading fund is also operating as the office for the trading fund which is the head office since August ,1995.

In the earlier time the postal stamps of Hong Kong were named as printed Hong Kong over them or having tea royal symbol on it but later in 1997 when the sovereignty of Hong Kong was transferred to the China the stamps were also changed from Hong Kong to the Hong Kong , China and after that time the stamps of British Hong Kong did not remain in existence any more and did not remain valid any long for the prepayment of the postage.

Right know under the Hong Kong there are more than 128 offices which are running under Hong Kong posts and managing the postal services in Hong Kong from which around 34 post offices are situated on the Hong Kong island, 8 post offices are situated in the outlyings of the island , 42 post offices are situated in the Kowloon of Hong Kong and 45 post offices are existing in the new territories of Hong Kong. Hong Kong is also having the facility of mobile post offices which are running in the remote areas of the new territories of Hong Kong. The post boxes were introduced in Hong Kong after 1980 with a red colour paint like as in the United Kingdom and it is also having the engraved EIIR which denotes for the Queen Elizabeth II but after the sovereignty comes under China the post boxes in Hong Kong were painted from red to green with a logo of Hong Kong post.

For increasing the source of income apart from the traditional delivery of the posts , the Hong Kong post is also selling some philatelic products which are used by the government and other utility companies for accepting the payment from their customers. The division of Hong Kong post stamps was settled in the 1974 which charges for the promotion and popularized stamps collection for meeting the increased demand of Hong Kong stamp by the collectors of it. This Hong Kong post stamps division is working in three different areas which are –


1 . Fulfilment and advance ordering services

2 . Philatelic marketing

3 . Stamp product design and production


As, you are also using the Hong Kong post then we all become very curious for knowing the status of our package that where is it right now after delivering it. If you have also sent your package with Hong Kong post and wanted to track your package then read it completely we will tell you that how can you track your package which has been sent by the Hong Kong post. There are different kind of people some have digital know and some who do not so for those who are unaware of hong kong speed post tracking we have brought up this full details that how you can track your Hong Kong package.

How to track your package sent through Hong Kong post

For tracking your package you just need only one thing which is tracking number. You will get this tracking number on the bill which you receive from the post office at that bill you will see some alphanumeric characters which are known as tracking number keep this Hong Kong tracking number with you and follow the below mentioned steps for tracking your package online –

Step – 1 : First of all you have to go to the official website of the Hong Kong post if you do not know the website then simply click on the below-mentioned link. When you click on it you will be redirected to the new window of Hong Kong post.


Step – 2 : Now , on this window you will see a box in which you have to right your 13 digit tracking number of your package. If you have sended more tan one package with the Hong Kong post then you can track all of them in a single click as in this box you are allowed to type the maximum of 30 different tracking numbers of different parcels which has been sent through Hong Kong post. Make sure that you type one tracking number in one line for other tracking number you have to first press enter and then add the other number in the box.


Step – 3 : After, typing or mentioning all of the tracking numbers which you wanted to track you have to now type the Captcha which is showing on the right side of this box. Type exact same Captcha showing on the screen inside box correctly.


Step – 4 : Next, after typing the Captcha in the provided box you have to click on the option of the track which is available just below it on the right side of the mid-screen of your device.


Step – 5 : As you click on the option of track you will be redirected to the new window at which you will see all of the tracking details regarding your each package. So, you see how simple is this and you can easily track your package with help of these above mentioned steps.

Closure ,

So , we gives you all and every information about the Hong Kong post. We comes to know a lot of new things which were unknown by know about the posting services of Hong Kong , as the main problem that people face is of tracking their package so for helping you we have told you the method of tracking with detailed steps of tracking which will help you to track your package easily and comfortable with just the help of tracking number which you will receive while you deliver your parcel through post office. These all steps are simple to follow and easy to track the details but if inspite of it still you face any kind of problem related to parcel or tracking your package then you can contact us we will be here for your help and solve your query.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Ques – 1 : Where and how can I find the tracking number of the Hong Kong post ?

Ans – 1 : You will get a receipt from the post office when you give your parcel for delivery on this bill you will see the tracking number of 13 digits which is the combination of alphabetical and numerical digits. There are 6 different types of formats in which you can find the tracking number of your package on the bill. These six formats are –


* RR000000000HK

* AA000000000HK

* EE000000000HK

* VV000000000HK

* CC000000000HK

* LL000000000HK


Ques – 2 : How can I contact to the customer care of Hong Kong Postal services ?

Ans – 2 : If you have any kind of query related to your package or having any problem or either want to track your package then you can simply contact to the customer care of the Hong Kong Post on this contact number 852-29212222 and all of your queries will be solved easily with help of the customer care service. You can also send your query or problem through mail on this mailing address of Hong Kong post which is hkpo@hkpo.gov.hk and then after some time, you will get the reply mail from the postal services of Hong Kong with the solution of your query or problem.


Ques – 3 : When I track the package I get the notification saying that no tracking records. Why ?

Ans – 3 : Mostly you get this type of status only when you type the incorrect tracking number or do any mistake while typing the tracking number of your package. So , if you are getting such type of status then re – check the tracking number and then again track your package. You will get the correct information for your package.

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