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FedEx stands for Federal express Tracking. FedEx Corporation is an American multinational courier delivery import and export company which delivers your FedEx package Tracking or consignments from one place to another domestically and internationally both by several means of transport. It was started on 2 October 1997 The headquarter of FedEx is situated in Memphis , Tennessee. The main work for which company is known is its overnight shipping service and also for pioneering a system which has the ability to track FedEx packages and provides the exact time updates of your delivery package location. FedEx is organized in operating units in which each unit has its own version of word mark which was designed by Lindon Leader of Landor associate of San Francisco.

FedEx Express is the original overnight courier service which provides next day air service only in united states and time punctual international service. One of the largest civil aircraft fleet in he whole world and the largest fleet of wide bodied civil aircraft is operated by FedEx express. FedEx express carries more freights as compared to any other airline . There are several services provided by FedEx express for its customers some of them are provided below –

Caribbean transport service: It was the part of FedEx freight till 2008 which provided air freight forwarding services in between United States main land , Puerto Rico , Dominician republic and other Caribbean islands.

FedEx trademark: FedEx trademark of FedEx corporation provides the service which are related to customs insurance and transportation advice .

FedEx supply chain: FedEx supply chain provides the logistics service which also include critical inventory logistics , transportation management services , fulfillment service etc .

FedEx ground: In FedEx ground Tracking service there is a guaranteed one day-definite delivery within Canada and the United States . It is highly cost-effective as compared to time-definite FedEx Express. It uses a large fleet of trucks which are independently owned by operators and drivers are independently contacted who control the individual delivery routes and territories.

FedEx Home Delivery: FedEx home delivery is a division of FedEx ground which is specialized in residential delivery from Tuesday to Saturday and it also offers delivery options to provide more flexibility for residential receivers. FedEx home delivery is only operated in United states. In united states it is not uncommon for home delivery packages to be delivered by standard ground trucks, but in Canada, FedEx ground performs the business delivery and residential delivery both .

FedEx Smart Post: FedEx smart post consolidates the parcel from merchants like of e-commerce and catalog companies and uses the USPS ( United States Postal Service ) for the final delivery of the package.

FedEx Freight: FedEx freight includes the LTL ( Less than truck load ) and other freight services. It is the largest LTL carrier in United States with $4.5 billion revenue for 2008.

FedEx custom critical: This service of FedEx delivers the urgent valuable or hazardous packages with help of trucks and chartered air crafts . This freight does not accept the transport of perishable food, alcohol, medication livestock, household goods, hazardous wastes, and money.

FedEx service: It provides the facility of global marketing, planning and information technology (IT) services for other FedEx operating companies.

FedEx Techno connect: This service of FedEx offers the tool-free customer service for the queries of customers . It is operated by an automatic operator then it will get transferred to the live agents for the queries like tracking , claims , scheduling pick ups ( express, ground , same day , custom critical freight express or freights LTL ) compliments and complaints , billing etc.

FedEx office: It was formerly known as FedEx Kinko. It is the retail arm of the corporation which offers the copying , digital printing , professional finishing , document creation , internet access, computer rentals , signs and graphics FedEx shipping and much more .

FedEx Ship centers: FedEx ship centers are those which provides a central location for FedEx customers for depositing or collecting their package for shipping . FedEx ship centers also provides the self-service of photo copy and Fax machine , products for packing and shipping , boxes and packaging services to its customers. Hold at location facility for FedEx ground and FedEx express shipments is now offered by both FedEx office and print centers and ship centers for easy pick up . Transferring to office/ship centers take 1 to 2 business days .

FedEx office counts with its own FedEx couriers for one center to another center and local customer deliveries .

FedEx same day city: It is a division of FedEx office which offers the delivery services between selected zip codes in a very little time as up to 2 hours . FedEx same day facility allows the pickup of the package by noon and the delivery in evening by the end of the day . FedEx same day city facility is expanding day by day in all major and big cities across the country . It is planning to make its own separate unit in around next five years .

SCAC codes: SCAC stands for Standard Carrier Alpha code. It is a unique code which is used to identify the transportation companies. This code is normally of 2 – 4 alphabetic letters long. This facility of coding was developed by the National Motor Freight Traffic Association in an around 1960s for helping the transportation companies or industries for computerizing their data and records. The FedEx codes include –

1 . FDE – FedEx Express

2 . FDEG – FedEx Ground

3 . FXFE – FedEx Freight

4 . FDCC – FedEx Custom Critical

5 . FXO – FedEx office

6 . FSDC – FedEx Same Day City

So, we learned a lot about FedEx corporation and its work now we are going to know that how we can track the status of our track FedEx package.

FedEx Tracking online by using FedEx tracking number

As we are aware that FedEx is a shipping company which delivers our package from one country to another. Now , as we are sending our package we want to know the status of it also . Let us know how we can FedEx track online the shipment of FedEx express by using FedEx number tracking provided from the FedEx store . To track the status of your shipment follow the below-mentioned steps –

Step – 1 : First of all go to the FedEx tracking site online or you can just follow the below-provided link for direct visit to FedEx tracking

After clicking on the link you will be redirected to the FedEx tracking page.

Step – 2 : Next you need to log in your FedEx account. You will see the log in option at the top right corner of your screen. Click on it and fill all of the mandatory details like username or password in the provided box .

Step – 3 : Next after logging in to your account you will see a box saying TRACKING ID , you need to enter your tracking number which has been provided to you after shipping your package in the given box .

Step – 4 : If you have more than one tracking number of different shipments then you can track them in a single click . You can track maximum up to 30 consignments simultaneously . For tracking several packages just click on the Multiple Tracking Option present just below the box and now you can track all of them .

Step – 5 : Now , after completing all above steps you just need to click on the TRACK button provided in right side of the box . After clicking on Track option you will get the status of you consignment in front of you .

So , by following the above steps you can easily track your package location and time to arrival or delivery.

FedEx tracking by using FedEx Tracking app

Above we come across to know that how we can track the status of our parcel online . Many people do not have time to go through online and check the update of status. So, for those customers, FedEx has a new facility available FedEx Tracking app. FedEx has launched its own app where you can easily track and get the status update of your package easily. You can track your package by using mobile app facility by just following the below mentioned steps –

Step – 1 : First of all open the google play store on your android mobile and search for FedEx in search box .

Step – 2 : After searching for FedEx a new screen will appear in front of you with FedEx app .

Step – 3 : Now , you will be going to see an option of Install at the middle right corner of the screen . Click on that option .

Step – 4: After clicking on the install option , your downloading will begin with in few seconds . Now wait till the downloading gets completed.

Step – 5: Next, after downloading gets completed your app will start installing automatically ( make sure that you have allowed an access to installation from unknown sources, if not then allow it ).

Step – 6: Now, after the installation process gets completed open the FedEx app on your device.

Step – 7 : You will be going to see some sliding windows click on the skip intro option which is present at the bottom of the screen which will directly let you to the main window of the app . Now you need to select your current residing country by typing the name in the box provided or by selecting from the list of options provided to you.

Step – 8 : After choosing your country a new screen will appear where you will need to click on the menu option which is denoted by 3 lines at the top left corner of the screen.

Step – 9: Now next after clicking on the main menu option a list will get open in front you. Here you will see the option of login at the slightly left side of top screen of your device. Click on that option and log in your account with username or password of your FedEx account .

Step – 10: Now, in the below list you will see the first option of the track . Click on that option and you will get all of the details related to the status of your package on your mobile screen.

It is so simple to track your parcel using FedEx App by simply following these steps . We come to know about 2 methods of tracking let us know about the another method .

FedEx Tracking by using Email service

You can also track your shipment by using email facility provided by FedEx for its customers . First of all you need to open your mailing account other on yahoo , gmail or any other . Now go to the compose section and click on it . There in the subject field you can type your tracking number . In message box give the tracking or reference number of your consignment. Now , send this mail to . Now wait for few minutes, after some time you will get the reverse message or mail from FedEx with complete status of your package .

In this article , we learned a lot about the services provided by FedEx . As we know that FedEx is mainly known for its overnight shipping facility , but there are many other features and facilities also which were not in your concern . In this article we tries to cover them all and provides you the complete and necessary information which should be known . After knowing enough about FedEx the main problem comes is of tracking. every customer who had delivered any item or the customer who is waiting to receive the article wants to know that when they are going to get their package , to overcome or solve this problem we told you about different methods with help of which you can easily track your FedEx courier does not matter where it is . So , we hope that you will not be going to face any problem in tracking your courier after following the above-mentioned methods and steps . If you face any problem related to tracking or FedEx then we are here for you.

Frequently asked question’s ( FAQ )


Ques – 1: What is the format of FedEx tracking number?

Ans: after shipping the parcel you will receive a receipt from FedEx office on which the FedEx tracking number is mentioned. Most of the time, the FedEx tracking number is of about 12 digits numeric ( 999999999999 ) or 15 digits numeric ( 999999999999999 ) number written on your receipt.


Ques – 2: What is the FedEx customer care number?

Ans : If you face any problem related to your shipping , delivery pick up timing or location , tracking or any other problem related to your courier. Then you need to contact to the customer care service provided by FedEx tracking contact number. For calling to the customer care FedEx simply dial FedEx Phone number 18004194343. You will definitely get the answer to your query.


Ques – 3: Can I change the delivery address of my package after shipping?

Ans : Yes , rerouting or changing your current delivery address from what was mentioned on the shipping label is possible. FedEx can re-route the shipment but it needs to be authorized by the sender that he wants to change the delivery address. FedEx allows only one re – route per package means you can change your delivery address only one time after shipping of your package.

The following changes can be made on re-routing your shipment :

  • You can change the street from the shipping label, in same city or state .
  • From hold at FedEx location to the instructions of delivery request .
  • You can re-route your shipment from delivery location to a request for the hold of your package at FedEx location.
  • Rerouting from one FedEx location to another FedEx location in same city or state .

For re-routing your shipment you can call to the customer care and give your tracking number for changing the address.


Ques – 4: If I am not present at my home during the time of delivery, then what will happen to my package?

Ans :If you are not available at the time of delivery to receive your package your courier will leave a delivery attempt notice for you with complete information that when the next attempt of delivery for your package will take place. If you want the more information regarding your package you can call the customer care or else you can track your shipment status online.


Ques – 5: When I track my shipment it shows that there is a custom and clearance delay. What should I do?

Ans : There might be several reasons for custom and clearance delay. You can get the complete information regarding clearance delay from the detailed FedEx tracking us page . It will tell you the reason for the delay of your package and the recommended action needed to be taken.


Ques – 6: Why did the “ Hold at FedEx location” button turns grey and unable to select?

Ans : This happens when the Hold at FedEx location service is not available in your destination location. The service of hold at FedEx location is only available on FedEx Ground, FedEx Express and FedEx home delivery for inbound US and intra – US shipments. The button will get enabled again when this service becomes available in your country.

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