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Epacket is one of the most popular and demanded service which is being used for delivering the product. This shipping or delivery service is offered by the merchants which are from China and the Hong Kong the epacket delivery service is one of the fastest service which delivers the parcel from domestic level to the international level.

You can easily monitor your epacket with help of the China Post and you can also get the tracking number of your packet from the China post. In the early period the packets which were purchased from the China were got delivered with help of sea and this delivery period was very time consuming it takes around the 8 or more weeks for reaching to the destination location by the means of transport as sea which is also a troubling situation for the customers who are waiting for their package to be delivered as they have to wait for a very long time due to slow delivery of the products.


If you want the fast delivery for your product then you will be needed to buy the products from US at the very high price but this will create a huge burden over your pocket as they are very costly with the huge price but the delivery is fast. The delivery with ePacket is very good and cost effective also your parcel will get deliver in the maximum of 30 days from the shipping so you can see how useful is this delivery service in all aspects. So , as we said that it takes around 30 days in international shipping but this does not mean that it will take this much time as we have checked the data of tracking from last details and concluded that on an average mostly the parcels gets delivered to their destination location before the estimated time of delivery.

EPacket Tracking

You should consider several things which are related to the delivery of epackets like the regulation of epackets , you should know the exact location of the base of the sender and you should also be aware that how you can track the packages delivered through epackets. Today we will discuss all of them in detail and also tell you that how you can track your package which sent through epackets so that you will not face any problem and get always up to date with the delivery of your package.

What is Epacket delivery?

First of all we should have the current knowledge that what these epackets are , basically the epacket is just an agreement which has been done in between of Hong Kong post and the US postal service also called USPS. The main aim of this agreement is to increase up to level of international sale of e-commerce in or for the China. This service allows them to deliver up the products with help of epacket delivery at a fast rate which are coming from the China and Hong Kong and gets delivered to the different countries of the world through this service. The only condition is the packaets should be small with the weight of 2 kg that is 4.4 lbs and the cost of the article which is in the packet should be less than $ 400 and you can send it with the epacket delivery at the fast rate.

Why should I choose epacket delivery service ?


As we can see the name says epcakets which directly denotes or shows the relationship with the ecommerce so the epacket service is basically formed for the shipping of e-commerce products and for its different purposes related to the e-commerce and it is the fastest international delivery service which is also affordable and comes under the budget for the customers so that they can easily receive their online purchased items or the products purchased from the marketplace which gets shipped from the China and Hong Kong.

This service is very good , affordable and faster also so you should choose it. Epacket is now very successful in the US and getting expand day by day in the international level due to it’s great services and uses all those countries which are having the facility of epacket service is rising constantly with a good growth rate or it. If you talk for any other delivery service which is also affordable , cost friendly and have good delivery service instead of the epacket service then we can only rely on the China post which is a great alternative to the epacket service for the products of customers.

The only drawback or the downside of China post is its slow delivery speed it can also even take more than a month in the delivery of the product of customers from one place to another and this will create a delay in the receiving of product or orders. There are also many other options then epacket and China post which delivers the order with fast rate and is good one but the problem is that they are very expensive  and sometimes the delivery charges becomes more higher than the original price of the product.

So , if we talk once again about the epackets then are some more benefits which are provided by epacket delivery to its customers other than cost effectiveness and fast rate delivery are –


1 . Door to door tracking of China ePacket : The delivery service of epackets provided you a very good tracking details with the point to point tracking and also gives you an option if the end to end tracking and tells best part is you do not even need to pay more cost for this tracking feature you get this in the same price of delivery. So , for those people who always wanted to keep a track or eye on their products this option is very useful for them as they can monitor the location of their product any time with complete details of current location. You can easily track your package which has been sended through epacket delivery on the websites like of EMS or USPS.


2 . Free return facility on the undelivered products : Now , the next benefit for this delivery is the returning policy , if we consider it as of the security purpose it is very good as we can get back our product if by any means it is not delivered to the destination point and even you do not need to spend any extra amount for getting back your product. This service is also helpful in improving the relationship between the customer and the seller or merchant as they are providing the full refund to the customer if their online product do not get delivered or returned back by any means or due to any of the problem this is also a very good benefit of it.


3 . Payment of the postal customs : If their will be any charge for any kind of customs , duties or taxes for the product then this will be paid by the receiver who will be going to receive the shipment. As we all know that all international deliveries go through the regular customer clearance and the same happens with the delivery of ePackets so in some cases customers might be needed to pay some applicable charges for taxes and duties.

Epacket delivery time

You should know that every product can not be eligible for the free shipping due to all these reasons and charges if your packet is of the size under 24″ × 36″ and the weight of it is less than 2 kg only then it will be qualified for the shipping or delivery through epacket service otherwise not. You should note that this type of method for the epacket delivery are necessary to be shipped from either China or from the Hong Kong. If you have purchased your product and got delivery by vendor through US shipping then you will not be going to be benefited with the service of epacket shipping in this case so the shipping should be from China or Hong Kong.


How many countries are having this ePacket shipping service ?


There are several and different countries which are having this ePacket service and benefit the customers with this affordable China posts epacket shipping facility. Here are are also providing you the list of countries which are having this service –


1 . Australia

2 . Austria

3 . Belgium

4 . Canada

5 . Denmark

6 . Finland

7 . France

8 . Germany

9 . Greece

10 . Hong Kong

11 . Hungary

12 . Ireland

13 . Israel

14 . Italy

15 . Japan

16 . Korea

17 . Luxembourg

18 . Malaysia

19 . Mexico

20 . Netherlands

21 . New Zealand

22 . Norway

23 . Poland

24 . Portugal

25 . Russia

26 . Saudi Arabia

27 . Singapore

28 . Spain

29 . Sweden

30 . Switzerland

31 . Thailand

32 . Turkey

33 . Ukraine

34 . United Kingdom

35 . United States

36 . Vietnam


There are some countries which have special delivery time and weight light for the delivered package let us know them


* If we talk about the delivery time or shipping time of the product we earlier told you that the product will get delivered with in 30 days but their also some places which take very less time in delivery these are –


1 . Mexico – The average delivery time of the Mexico is around 20 business days.


2 . Veitnam – The average delivery time of the Veitnam is around 5 to 7 business days.


3 . Russia , Ukraine and Saudi Arabia – The average delivery time for these countries is around 7 to 15 business days.


* Now , this was about the delivery time but if we talk about the maximum delivery weight then for Israel the maximum delivery weight that can be shipped through epacket service is 3 kg and for other countries it is only 2 kg


How to track the parcel of epacket delivery from the China – epacket tracking


The best benefit of using epacket service is its tracking facility which gives you each and every correct information about your product. It is really very difficult to keep all of the tracking details of the package specially in the international shipping as it goes through various different processes like custom clearances , tax problems and much more but ePacket delivery service provides you to keep all of the tracking detail of your package what you all have to need is that you should keep the tracking number of your package with you. When your product gets shipped you will receive a mail from your merchant side in which you will also get the tracking number of your package which is the combination of alphabetical and numeric digits and it is a 13 digit number ending with CN which denotes China. So , you can easily track your package with help of this tracking number you just need to follow the below mentioned steps –


Step – 1 : First of all , you should go to the official site of China EMS or epacket tracking if you do not know about the side then we are also providing you the direct link of the side you can click on it. After clicking to the link you will be redirected to the new window of China EMS tracking where you can track your package.

The link is as follows https://www.aftership.com/couriers/china-ems


Step – 2 : Now , after reaching to the tab you will see a box on the screen , in this box you have to type the 13 digit tracking number of your package which you have got from the merchant.


Step – 3 : Now , after you type the tracking number just re check it for the surety and any mistake and then click on the option of Track which you will see at the right side of box.


Step – 4 : After clicking on the option of Track you will be redirected to the new window or tab where you will see all of the details related to your package.


Closure ,


We come to know about various facts of epacket which were very necessary to know and are important for enhancing the knowledge regarding the service of ePacket delivery. Sop , we gives you the all details and necessary information that what is ePacket service , why you should use it , what is the benefit of this service over other delivery service and also that it cost effective with proper security safety and fast delivery time. At the end the major problem of the customers which is tracking their package we discussed about that , we told you each and every step of tracking in detail so that you will not face any problem while you track your package but still if you get stuck to any problem then simply contact us we will be here for your help and solve your problem , you do not need to worry. We hope you will like this article and do not be left with any confusion or problem.

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