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EMS or Express Mail is an accelerated mail delivery service for which you need to pay a surcharge and receives a very fast delivery. Express mail not only gives the domestic delivery facility but it also provides the ems international delivery service for its customers. In most of the country, Express mail service is governed by country’s postal administration and the international delivery services are governed by EMS cooperative since 1998.

International Express Mail Service is an international postal service which is offered by post administrative members of the universal postal union . This service allows you the delivery of documents and parcel both with fast speed , reliability, security, accessibility and at affordable prices . EMS provides its delivery to more than 3000 destination location across all over the world and locally up to 285 locations complementing the traditional postal service of letter – post and parcel – post services with express post tracking.

There are different services offered by EMS. Let us discuss those services briefly –

1 . EMS international Tracking

In this service of EMS, your parcels and documents can be sent to more than 3000 locations in all over the world with 285 EMS centers in all different countries . The track and trace service providing the delivery information in most of the destinations in 75 different countries. EMS also offers the custom clearance services for the incoming or delivering packages are dutiable .

2 . EMS Bumba

EMS Bumba service provides Bumba box packaging facility. This facility is available in different sizes for convenient packaging and provides the surety of safety for your package and parcel either on domestic delivery or international delivery . The bumba box facility is available in five different sizes depending on the weight of the package which are –

* Bumba minor – 2 kgs

* Bumba mini  – 5 kgs

* Bumba regular – 8 kgs

* Bumba midi  – 10 kgs

* Bumba mega  – 15 kgs

The only limitation of using Bumba box is that you are not able to send jewelry, cash or any valuable item in the package.

3 . EMS domestic

In this service, the package is delivered to the same country from which it has been sent.

4 . EMS same day

This service is offered by EMS only in some selective urban, town, municipal, boundaries and their surrounding environment. In this service your parcel gets delivered on the same day of shipping the only condition is that you must submit your parcel for delivery till 1 pm of that day with the maximum weight of parcel to be 50 kg which is acceptable for delivery.

5 . EMS overnight

In this service of EMS the parcels or items that needed to be delivered for any of the destination gets delivered in shortest time of EMS shipping within 24 hours. The maximum weight of the parcel needed to be delivered should be 50 kg not more than that.

6 . EMS bulk rate

This EMS bulk rate service of EMS is for those items which are of heavy weight up to 2000 kgs . In this service there are flat rates across the board for any of the destination, it is irrespective from the zone . For the first bundle which is of 20 kgs is charged as Kshs. 300, after that for every additional weight of 1 kg is charged as Kshs 25 for every parcel.

7 . EMS customized

This is a very special service provided by EMS specially for customers specific needs like moving household goods , from one location to another destination location of delivery of goods. The goods get sent to the desired delivered location with in 7 days of the shipment. In most of the cases the shipping cost is calculated by the weight of the article but sometimes it happens that the goods are generally light in weight but are large in volume which requires lot of space, so in such cases the shipment cost is calculated by its volumetric space instead of its weight.

Points to remember

1 . You should right the name of the person who is going to receive package clearly to avoid any mistake .

2 . Write correct name of street , address , name of building and location of delivery on the parcel and double check it for avoiding any problem .

3 . You should make sure that you have write the correct house number , flat number or floor and room number if available .

4 . Mention your contact number on the parcel.

5 . You must check that you have correctly written the town and country of the destination location .

So, we have learned a lot about EMS and its work now next we are going to know that how can we track the status of the delivered package by EMS .

How to track your EMS package by EMS tracking number

EMS gives you the opportunity or facility of tracking you EMS parcel with just a call. You only need to make call on the EMS contact numbers. For tracking or getting the delivery status of your parcel you have to make call on the following numbers :

EMS Contact Number

0772767440 , 0770349882 , 020 3242378 or 0719072378

You can contact on any of the above numbers and you just need to tell you shipment number you will get all of the details regarding your delivery status on your mobile phone.

How to track your EMS package on web

When you ship your parcel through EMS in return you get the bill or receipt from EMS on which you have the shipment number of your parcel. With the help of this shipment number, you can easily track the status of your EMS parcel. For tracking the delivery status of your parcel follow the below-mentioned steps –

Step – 1 : First of all open the EMS tracking website or you can also follow the below mentioned link to directly go to the EMS website.


After going to this site a window will get open in front of you like this :

Step – 2 : Now , if you have you login id and password of EMS then , go to the left side corner of the opening window here you will find the option of log in . In the field of username type your EMS username and in the field of password type your EMS password.

Step – 3: After typing your given username and password now click on the below-mentioned log in option. After it, you will be directly got registered to the EMS. ( You can skip this log in step if you do not have the username and password of EMS )

Step – 4 : Now, after login at the below right side of the screen you will see an option of choosing the language. Hereby clicking on the arrow you will get a list opened with different languages. Select your desired and comfortable language.

Step – 5 : After, selecting the language type your given shipment or tracking number in the box aside of language with the correct format.

Step – 6 : After typing the tracking number you need to click on the option saying TRACK, after it, you will get all of the necessary details regarding your delivery status at your screen.

So, after following all these steps you will easily track the status of your parcel to be delivered either it is international or domestic.

Today in this article we come to know various things about EMS like what EMS is, what it does, how it works and much more. By following the above mentioned 2 methods you can very easily and comfortably track the status of your consignment with complete details like from where it has been shipped , where it has been reached or when you will be going to get your parcel to be delivered all these details you will get just by tracking your package with the help of shipment number provided to you on receipt by EMS center.So, now there is no need to search the EMS Tracking India, ems tracking Korea, ems tracking China, ems tracking Thailand, and for any other country. You can easily track your package through above steps. So, we hope that you will definitely like this article and do not face any problem in tracking your package. If you find any problem in tracking then contact us we will be happy in solving your queries.

Frequently Asked Question’s ( FAQ )

Ques – 1: What is the format of tracking number of EMS?

Ans : The format of EMS tracking number is like EE123456789XX.

  • In this sample tracking number first two alphabetical letters indicate that what type of package is and which type of tracking it required.
  • In this sample number, the middle numeric 9 numbers indicates the shipment number of your package.
  • The last 2 alphabetical letters in the sample image indicates the country or location to which the item needed to be delivered.

When you track your shipment by using the above steps you just need to type your tracking or shipment number which has the format of EE123456789XX and it will automatically detect the location and every required field.


Ques – 2: What is the customer service number of EMS?

Ans : If you are facing any problem in tracking or you have any query regarding your package delivery then you need to contact to the customer care center of EMS . You can contact to customer service center of EMS on +86 1011183


Ques – 3: When I track my package it shows no records. Why ?

Ans : This problem mainly persists in front of the customers when the tracking number was not typed correctly or their is any error in the typing or it might be possible that the time is less than 24 hours as compared to shipment time . For solving this problem check the shipment number from the sender that you are typing the correct one or not. Make sure that you can only track your normal shipments after 24 hours of sending.


Ques – 4: My shipment has been stuck in the customs. What should I do?

Ans : When the delivery of the parcel is on the international level then it needs to go through the customs for the verification, sometimes it take a lot of time in the clearance for this you can only contact to the shipper who is handling with this issue.


Ques – 5: What can I do if the delivery address on the parcel has written incorrectly accidently?

Ans : Sometimes , we are in such a hurry that we write the incorrect thing and later we want to correct it . If you have written the incorrect address then the only thing you can do is to contact you shipper who is dealing with your shipment and tell him about your problem. He will correct the address on behalf of you.


Ques – 6: Why the tracking results show me the results as “ rejected”?

Ans : Sometimes when you track your parcel the results show as “rejected” “ safety check rejected” or “customs rejected”. This results mainly shows by following 2 issues.

  • If your parcel or package contain any forbidden item which is not in the delivery list of EMS like cell phone , iPad , speaker, jewellery or any valuable item then, the results will be like this and your goods will not be delivered anymore. The only thing you can do is to claim for the refund.
  • The second situation in which you can face this problem is due to the mistake of a machine. It sometimes happens that when your parcel contains phone cases, toys like valuable items then it might be consulted as same as the forbidden item by the mistake of the machine . In this case, the parcel will get resubmitted for the checking and your item will get delivered shortly by changing the results of the tracking status.

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