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DHL is also known as DHL express which is the part of a division of the logistics company of German which is known as Deutsche Post DHL which gives the facility of courier service to the international level. It is a courier , parcel and express mail service which delivers the consignment of peoples from one place to another.

Deutsche Post DHL is a company which is the largest one across whole world which has its operating facility around the world which is famous specially for the delivery through sea and air among pone country to another. The DHL was founded in the year 1969 in United states at first the delivery service of DHL was only between the San Francisco and Honolulu where the delivery of documents was conducted with help of DHL courier company which later in 1970 expands its service throughout the world. In the starting time the services of DHL was only limited to offshore and inter continental delivery of products later on as the success achieved the service were also gets increased by DHL in around of 1983.

In the last of 2002 the company Deutsche post brings up the DHL in the discussion of express and expands the use of DHL more than before. In today’s date the DHL is sharing it’s branded with some business units also like of DHL global forwarding and the DHL supply chain. The origin of DHL was began by Larry Hillblom , at the time of his job he starts the courier delivery service in between the Oakland international airport to the Los Angeles international airport where he picks up the packages of the last flight and returns back before the first flight reaches next morning he repeats this service five time in the whole week.

After completing his graduation he meets with a salesman who delivers his products and they both decided to expand the fast delivery concept of that salesman to tell other enterprises and started work over that project. Then, later on, he started his own company by taking the loan with help of his two friends who were also the partner in the company and they started the delivery of documents from one place to another place.

DHL Express Tracking

Then the DHL started purchasing some small courier companies under them and progress goes on with time it also offers the service of overnight delivery and shipping at that time the main competitor of DHL was FedEx which was improving very well at that time , the DHL comes at the third position in the courier company after FedEx and UPS. Now , DHL has expanded it’s brands and shares it with DHL global , DHL forwarding , DHL Express , DHL Freight , DHL global mail , DHL supply chain etc.

All of the domestic flights of US are now handled by the DHL airways. The headquarter of DHL Express is situated in Bonn which is a part of Deutsche post headquarter. DHL is also having a small partnership with the USPS  in which the DHL delivers the small packages to the receiver in the network of USPS which is termed as the DHL global mail or DHL e-commerce. Today the DHL is offering it’s services in all over the world it also includes the countries like Iraq , Afghanistan, Myanmar , Cuba , North Korea etc. as it is owned by German so the US embargoes do not effect it’s shipping.

DHL is also aware towards environment in shake of which it changes it’s delivery vehicle fleet regularly so that it can use alternative fuels which will not effect much on environment. Right now the latest vehicles of DHL are working or running over Compressed natural gas CNG and it has aimed that the DHL will convert its half of the vehicle fleet in CNG very soon. DHL is also using the electronic vehicle for reducing the use of fuels and in perspective of saving it , the almost vehicle fleet of DHL is around 70,000 from which it has aimed up to convert some in electronic and some by CNG runners. It also runs a program of go green in respect of saving environment from creating the air pollution. There are basically four goals of company which it has to complete by 2025 which was declared by the Chief executive officer of DHL.

With the passage of time DHL is improving day by day as every thing is getting digital right now so DHL has also introduced the feature of DHL International Tracking it’s consignment online , you are able to track your package easily just by sitting at your home almost most of the people who are the regular customer of DHL knows very well how to track the consignment of DHL online but there are still some people / customer who are unaware of this tracking facility , by using this DHL global Mail Tracking service you can easily come to know that when will you be going to receive your package at what time and on which date. If you are also one of them who is unaware of DHL Express Tracking your package then we are here for helping you so that you will be able to track your package without facing any kind of problem. Let us have a look over these methods of tracking package –

DHL Tracking

We are here below providing you the different methods of tracking the DHL package you can use any of them by just simply using the unique tracking number of DHL which you will get when you deliver or ship any package from the side of DHL Tracking Number will help you to know that where is your package right now. Use any of the methods which suits you better just have a look over them.

Method – 1 :Tracking DHL package online by using tracking number

For tracking your DHL package with help of the tracking number online just simply sitting at your home you just need to follow these below mentioned simple steps –

Step – 1 : First of all you have to go to the official site of DHL for this you can simply follow the below mentioned link which we are providing you for your convenience. Click on this link –

Step – 2 : Now , after clicking on the link next you will see a box where you need to type your tracking number. You are allowed to type 10 tracking numbers at one time and can track all of the consignment in single click. So , type your tracking number on the box.

Step – 3 : After typing the number you need to click on the option of track which is available just below the box.

Now , a new window will get appear in front of you with the tracking detail of your consignment. So , you see how simple is this you can easily track your package by just entering the DHL courier tracking number from your home.


Method – 2 : Tracking DHL package with help of email

If you are facing any problem in tracking your package online or you are outside where the network is low then we are having the bother method also for you by which you can simply and easily track your DHL package. This method is by using email services of DHL what you all have to do is just send a mail to the DHL regarding your tracking and you will get all of the details within some minutes now you are thinking that where you have to send your mail and how. Let us tell you ,

1 . First of all open the Gmail in your phone or laptop.

2 . Now , go to the option of compose mail their.

3 . Here , in the section or box of ” to ” you need to type this mail address

4 . Now , go to the section of subject here you can simply type the way bill number which is given to you.

5 . Next , in the below box type the tracking number of teams package which you have to track and then click on the button or icon of SEND.

After sending your mail in few minutes you will receive a back mail from the DHL with the full details of tracking of your package.


Method – 3 :Tracking your DHL package with help of SMS

Their is an another method also for tracking your DHL package which is known as text message method. If you are not having the internet connection and wants your tracking details of the package earlier then this method will be very helpful for you. Now we will tell you that how you can track your package by using text message method it is very simple and easy you just need to send a message with the tracking number of the package which is needed to be tracked on the following number which is 07720334455. After sending your text message on this number you will receive a back message from the DHL with the complete details of your package with latest information. So , you see how simple is this method of tracking your package.

So , here we provide you the complete information about DHL and tells you a lot about this courier service which is needed to be known by you. As we gives you full detail about the DHL express in the same we gives you the different tracking methods by which you can easily and simply track your package by using these several methods. Just follow these above mentioned simple steps and track your package easily and know the exact location where is it situated right now and when will you be going to get it. If you face any problem then we are here with you for your help just tell us our problem and we will try to resolve it.

Frequently asked question’s (FAQ)

Ques – 1 : Can I track my package without tracking number?

Ans – 1 : Yes , you are able to track your package if you are not having the tracking number for this you need to have the shippers number with help of this you can track your package but we suggest you to keep your tracking number with proper safety.

Ques – 2 : What is the customer care number of DHL?

Ans – 2 : If you have any kind of query or wants to know anything regarding the service , your package or even the tracking detail of your delivered package then you can simply contact to the DHL customer care number which is 08442480844. You can call on this toll free number any time 24 * 7 for solving your query.

Ques3 : When I track my shipment it says that contact to DHL. Why ?

Ans – 3 : You receives this type of message only at the time when the entered information is not appropriate or complete. In the lack of information this message is given and for clearing this issue you can simply contact to the customer care service DHL they will resolve your problem. It might be possible that the provided address might be incorrect so contact as soon as possible.

Ques – 4 : When I track my results it shows that the package is going to another location then it is initially mended to be. Why ?

Ans – 4 : The address which is shown at the tracking details of DHL is simply based on the location of the service station which is available in that route. The pickup and delivery locations shown on the tracking details are based on the service station of DHL so contact the DHL and confirm everything if you are having any doubt or finding something wrong here.

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