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China Tracking Service is a firm or enterprise which is governed by the State which is involved in providing the facilities of official postal services of China. China Post Tracking Service is also widely known as China Post Group Cooperation as its full name, and ‘China Post’ in common terms. China Post is basically involved in availing the facility in mainland China which does not include Hong Kong and Macau (special administrative regions of China) since both Hong Kong and Macau have their own independent postal services.

The State Post Bureau, a sub-ministry level Government Agency, is basically involved in regulating the national postal industries both theoretically and in terms of cooperation too. The China Post Tracking Service/ China Post Cooperation actually shares its office with the state post bureau.

In 1878, Robert Hart started the postal services in China on the suggestion and advice by various foreign powers and authorities. During those initial days, China Post had its offices or branches in only 5 major cities in China. Later on People’s Republic of China, the current postal service was established in1949 which actually leads to the replacement of the previous Chunghwa Post in main China along with the Universal Postal Union in 1972. The State Post Bureau of PRC directly takes overall responsibility to supervise and lead China Post and to regulate the current postal services in China. China Post Tracking ebay and China post tracking amazon are often being searched by people and that is the reason why we are here to tell you all about China Post Tracking Services.

What exactly is China Post Tracking of any shipment you made?

An online portal is available to everyone free of cost ‘china’ which provides all the information regarding the services of China Post which will let you track any of you China post shipment tracking. As you go to made shipment of any kind of parcel at China Post, they provide you with an invoice or bill or a slip in return on which a ‘Tracking Number’ is mentioned through which your shipment can be tracked. Using this Tracking Number, you can easily track your parcel anywhere and anytime just by reaching china post tracking services online and very quickly. China tracking web page does not provide you information about delivery services and status of your item or parcel at the time delivery (i.e. if get damaged or broken during shipment) and therefore China Post won’t be responsible for any such issue, if any, even if the status show damaged or lost which is rare. This only provides information about the track or status of the location of your shipment through this online service.

Through tracking you can find out the delivery status of your shipment from a public source in terms of its location and the pathway it follows, along with its expected delivery time. To use this service, all you need to do is to find out a service source and which pack needs to send.  As you get the tracking number or you made a shipment, the delivery service details of a shipment or package can be obtained easily by just selecting the required service from the list. Just in case you only have a tracking number and no other detail of service agency or company through which your parcel is shipped, no need to worry, just by using tracking number you can get the details of the delivery service company name automatically along with important details too. In case of an International shipment, just remember that information of your parcel is limited till China i.e. up to your country only which is the original location of shipment.

Now, since we have got to know a lot about shipping and tracking through China post Track, now let us know how we can track our shipment or parcel if shipped via using China Post Tracking so that we could get the status of our parcel. So let’s just learn more about that in further section of this article.

How can we track our Shipment using China Post Tracking Services?

Do not worry about it anymore; now we will be learning how we can know the status of our shipment made via China Post using their China post tracking services. If you want to track you parcel just follow bellow mentioned step and proceed that way:

  • First of all just visit the official website of China post tracking services or you can also use the below given link to reach the official China post tracking site directly without much efforts.

  • As you use the above mentioned site, you will be redirected automatically to the official website of China post tracking page, just remember your internet connection is on. The window page will open in front of your screen.
  • This might be possible that the page open may not be in a language you are comfortable in, and therefore according to your convenience you can actually change the language of the website so that you can use their services. This can be done by just clicking on ‘language’ option at the left top corner on the page. You can choose any of the language option provided in a form of list, say English. So just click on China post tracking English and move further.
  • Now, if you have already signed up or registered member with China post then you can log in by using your ID and password by click on Log in present at the right top corner on the website of China post.
  • As you get logged in using your details you will see a box in the middle of the screen. In the next step all you have to do is to type your tracking or sipping number in the box provided.
  • After typing your tracking number in the box, just click on Track option which is present in yellow colored box in the right side of the box.
  • Now after clicking on track option, just wait a few seconds till the processing is over and the information comes on your screen containing delivery status, current location and any update.
  • This will take just a few minutes depending upon the speed of your internet connection.

By following above step you can easily track your shipment without much effort and from anywhere anytime. So do not worry much about a parcel going away!

The China Post Services:

The China Post avails only two services to their customers. Depending upon the need and hurry, any of these services can be used to make a shipment through China Post services.

  1. China Post Registered Airmail.
  2. China Post EMS/ E – Packet.

China Post Registered Air mail service is actually a very economical, cost effective and quite slow delivery or shipping service provided by China Post. Depending upon the location of delivery of shipment, be in International or domestic courier, the time of delivery may vary from two or four weeks to even more (sometimes) through this service of China Post (as I mentioned it is a very slow mode of shipping). Tracking facility is available for this kind of services too.

Whereas, China Post EMS/ E – Packet service of China Post is one very fast courier service mode available for a shipping anywhere in the world. It is a global service in that way. Through this mode of shipping, a package can be sent across the globe with in a period of 1 or 2 weeks. One facility that comes with service is tracking, that is by using this mode or service, and you can also track the status of the shipment you made. This is the reason it is also called China EMS tracking post.

The tracking number for a parcel shipped via China Post Registered Air mail usually starts with ‘R’ and ends with ‘CN’. Whereas, the tracking number for a parcel shipped via , China Post EMS/ E – Packet starts with an ‘E’ and ends with ‘CN’.

Sometimes when you start tracking your parcel using post tracking service, it says “electronic data received”. Do not get confused by that, it just mean that the service provider has given you a tracking number for your shipment but has not shipped it yet.

Sometimes, it may also say “Rejected” or “safety check rejected” when you try to track your shipment, it is because of following reasons:

  • The parcel might contain a forbidden object (Electronic items like mobile phone, tablet, speaker etc.) If your parcel contains any such forbidden item, it is not going to shipped and in fact you are not going to get your parcel back until you make a claim for refund.
  • Sometimes, because of some error in machine, ‘rejected’ appears when you track your shipment. It is occasionally by the mistake made by machine assuming there might be some forbidden item inside the package. You can resubmit for again safety check procedure and it will be proceed further.

For more enquiries with an agent or an employee at China Post regarding any shipping or problem in tracking, you can call at their Customer service number +861011185. But to talk with a ‘Customer Service provider’ at China Post, remember you much know how to speak Chinese otherwise it will be difficult for both of you.

To make such a vast network and to provide best services, it is very necessary to have an active management which shall work tirelessly to provide best of services within estimated delivery time period. Due to this reason, the China Post is a well- organized service provider.

They have:

  • General Office
  • Department of Postal sector Management
  • Department of Postage Stamps
  • Department of Planning and Finance
  • Department of Public Services
  • Department of Post Routes Operations
  • Department of International Co operation
  • Department of Personnel and Education

The above-mentioned departments are working under the area after which they are named. These departments play a very important and vital role in providing fast, best and smooth services to their customers without making any loop hole. Posting packages, letters etc. is very common and running since ages now, and therefore such provider should always be appreciated for their efforts to the public living across. With their coordination and inter dependency the China Post is one the best shipping service provider we know. They are dealing with a number of customers every day and meeting everyone’s destination on time.

There are around 82,116 post offices and branched of China Post in all over China. The China Post has about 236 mail processing centers are active within China. The first and second class trucks travel a route of about 3.1 million KMs. The China Post has about 39,000 transportation vehicle to provide delivery services. There are around 5 aircrafts and about 73 railway carriages to meet the delivery in time under China Post. About 155 letter sorting machines are working to sort out shipments under the China Post. Also, the China Post has around 20,000 computerized postal offices to provide services to their customers. Isn’t it huge? It is indeed!

We really hope that this article has provided you with all the necessary information that you needed and also guided you in tracking your shipment. This is always a pleasure to serve our visitors and provide them utmost relief through such passages. We wish to see you again for some assistance to you.

We wish you a superfast and a very happy Shipping!

Take care. Keep Smiling!



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