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Canada Post was initially known as the Royal Mail Canada when it was founded in the year 1867 later on this name was changes to the Canada Post corporation which is now generally known as the Canada Post which is now functioning as the primary postal service of Canada which delivers the documents and parcels of the customers from one place to another it is also known as the crown corporation.

Canada Post Tracking

The name Canada Post was given in the late 1960s and comes under the Canadian government services bit later in 1981 on 16 October under the Canada Post corporation act this postal service was got abolished from the post office department and then all of the command was given to the crown corporation which is providing it’s postal services till now.

This formed act was specially focused for the Independence and security of the postal service so that it will be given a new direction of work and can provide its service more efficiently. If we take the census of 2016 then the Canada Post is providing its services to more than 16 million people and delivers around 8.4 million of packages in whole year with a turn around revenue of $ 7.8 billion with the door to door delivery service and a largest fleet of vehicles around 13000 which serves in the purpose of delivery for packages. In the country there are around 6200 + post offices situated all over in Canada , if we calculate the delivery area then any other country then we can say that it is the service which covers a very large area where the postal services are still going on as compared to other nations.

There are several group of companies which are known as the Canada Post group which operates the Canada Post on their level. There are more than 64000 employees which are working under it and providing their services as full time or part time employees which delivers a wide range of the delivery , logistics and service to the customers in all over the country. There is a company which was created by Canada post in in 2000 which was named as Epost. This company gives a service to customers of Canada post that they can get their bill easily from online sources absolutely free but later in around 2007 the Epost also gets included in the Canada post they do not remain separated any more. The Canada post is a name of Federal identity program. The first letter was sended by Canada post was in St. John’s Newfoundland on the date of 3 august , 1527.

The delivery of mail in Canada was first placed in 1693 in between of Quebec city and the Montreal which was a paid mail delivery service at the time of British Government in Canada. When the first delivery conducted at the same time the first postal stamp was also get circulated in Canada. The post office of Canada is designed in the way which was created by the Sir Rowland Hill by the British service , he wad the one who introduced the postage stamp and says that the package should not be charged according to the destination either it should be charged by its weight. At that earlier time there were several rural areas which were not in the connection with outer world later in 1908 on 10 October the first mail delivery was conducted in rural areas also which was completely free as it was the first service. First airmail which was sended by through Canada Post was delivered on 24 June in 1918 which delivers the mail from the Montreal to the Toronto. In Ombudsman the office of Canada Post is situated which was formed in October 1997 by the government of Canada.

All of the complaints regarding to the postal delivery service are handled by this office in Ombudsman where the solution to all of those problems gets resolved in this post office. If any kind of problem come or needs any change in the company policy then ombudsman office has complete right to directly Canada Post Contact with chairman of the board of directors and all of the service which are offering by this office are free from any cost or fees. Every letter which is going to be send through Canada Post must have the address of receiver in the middle of the envelope which is followed by a stamp , meter label , postal indica , Frank mark which will be at the top right corner of letter envelope which will show the payment of that delivery. You can also mention the address to which the letter should return if undelivered in small letters at the top left side corner of envelope or at the back of the envelope. There is a postal guide which is available with all details of products and services provided by the corporation , the postal corporation has basically divided it’s services into 3 major parts which are as follows –

Transaction mail


Direct marketing.

Canada Post Tracking Number

Every year there are more than millions of letter are received by the Canada Post which were answered by unionized employees they gives the reply to each letter written the address of Santa Claus in many different languages. If you have also delivered any letter with Canada Post then you might be also wanted to know that where is your package right now or when will it get delivered to the destination Canada Post Locations. For checking this we have several options and methods of Poste Canada Tracking we just need the tracking number of our letter which is given from the post office after giving them the package so , now we are going to tell you about these tracking methods with help of which you can easily and comfortably track your package and get full knowledge of it. It is very simple to track any post you just need to follow these below provided simple and easy steps –

Method – 1 : Tracking Canad Post package by using tracking number

You will receive this tracking number on the bill you have given from the Canada Post Office it is a 13 digit alpha numeric number. For tracking your package with help of this tracking number just follow the below mentioned steps –

Step – 1 : First of all you need to go to the official website of Poste Canada or you can also directly visit to the official website by just simply clicking on the below link.

Step – 2 : When you go to the above link a new window will get open in front of you where you will see a large box. In this box you need to type the tracking number of your package. If you wanted to track more than one parcel then it is very simple you are allowed to type maximum of 24 different Canada Post Tracking Number of different packages in this box keep remember that you type only one tracking number in one line.

Step – 3 : After typing all of the tracking numbers which you wanted to track you just need to click on the button or option of track which is present at the right side of your screen just below the box.

Step – 4 : Next , as click on the track option you will be redirected to new window at which you will see all of the information of your package with complete details.

So , you can see how simple is this you just need to have your tracking number of the package and then go to the above steps and follow them carefully and you will successfully track your package details.

Method – 2 :Tracking Canada Post package with help of reference number

Reference number is provided by the person who has shipped your parcel for the delivery as it is completely the choice of the shipper which number he choose so it can only be received from shipper. Now , from this reference number you can also track your package very easily. Let us know how we can track the package with help of reference number –

Step – 1 : First of all go to the link which we are providing below. As you click on the link you will be redirected to the new window soon

Step – 2 : As you see in this window there is a large blank box almost in the middle of the screen just click on that box. In this box you have to type the reference number of your package , you can even track maximum of the 24 package at a single time by just simply using their reference numbers. Type all numbers and make sure that you write only one number in a single line and other in next line.

Step – 3 : After typing all of the reference number for the packages you want to track , you also need to type the shipment range if asked it will be mentioned with the reference number of your parcel , in this range you need to type the estimated date of shipment . You have to now click on the option of track which is present at the right side mid of the screen of your device just below this box.

Step – 4 : Now , next after clicking on the option of track a new tab will get open in from of you with the list of tracking details for all of your packages.

Method – 3 :Tracking the Canada Post package with help of delivery notice card

After your package gets shipped for delivery you receive a mail in which you also gets a delivery notice at the bottom side of this delivery notice you will find a number of 15 digits which is known as delivery notice card number. This number can also help you for tracking your shipment thinking how. We will tell you that how you can track your package with help of this delivery notice card number just have a look at the below steps –

Step – 1 : First of all you need to go to the link which we are providing you below. This link will directly redirect you to the official tracking site of Canada Post and you can also know about Canada Post Hours.

Step – 2 : After reaching to the site you have to select the option from track by number to the delivery notice card by simply clicking on the small arrow which is present at the left side of box.

Step – 3 : After you select the delivery card notice number as a option you can now see a large box which is completely blank. In this box you can type lastly up to the 24 delivery notice card numbers of different packages so that you can track all of them in a single click. So , type all of the delivery notice card number in this box.

Step – 4 : After typing all of the numbers you just have to click on the track option which you will find at the right mid side of your screen just below this box. Click on this track option after it you will be redirected to a new tab and then you can easily get the detail of all your packages which you wanted to track.


So ,you can see how simple is this to track your package. We gives you the complete information about Canada Post Customer Service and tells you what it is after that we know that everyone is curious for getting the full information of their package and wanted to know so we gives you different methods with help of which you are easily able to track your package by just simply following those easy steps. We tried to explain the tracking in the easiest way specially for those who face problems while tracking their package. You can see it is very simple but still if you face any kind of tracking while you track your package then we are with you ,  just simply tell us your problem and we will try to solve it as soon as possible so that you will not face any kind of problem. Then , why are waiting just go and track your package by your own.

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