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Australia post also known as Australia Post is the common and trending name of Australian postal corporation which was a formerly commission, it is run and governed by the government of Australia for providing the delivery postal services to the customers at both levels domestic and international which also operates the retail outlets.

The post office which is also serving as the head office for the Australia Post if situated in Melbourne at the 111 Bourke street. The previous and first organized of Australia Post service was set up in 1809 at the location of Sydney in which the first postmaster who cares for the post was from New South Wales, his name was Isaac Nichols.

Australia Post Tracking

The main work of the postmaster was to carefully operate the posts and take care of letters and parcels which are coming from other countries through ship which reduces the people chaos who runs through the aboard ships when letters arrive he has to manage all this rush and provide the letters to its owner. When the Nichols provide letter to its receiver he receives a nominal amount of delivery charge from them and then handover his letter to him so that they can take it to their home these rate are fixed postage charge which was taken from everyone that was one shilling per letter and tell cost of parcel was depended on the weight of them.

Those addresses which were come under VIP address were specially delivered by the Nichols personally. In 1825 , the postal act was passed in which the governor is allowed for fixing the charge of postage which is a fixed charge and he has the authority of appointing the postmaster for Australia Post outside Sydney. The delivery of letters was started in 1828 and the facility of posting box was first seen in 1831 at that time there was no need of any stamp as the receiver was paying the amount not the sender. When the service of postal delivery established it continues to rise up throughout the Australian colonies very rapidly.

Auspost Tracking Number

As earlier there was no need of stamps for the letters but later on in 1838 the first paid stamp was introduced for the letters in Sydney and in around 1849 the fixed rate charges were getting introduced theirs with the agreement of Australian colonies. In 1852 the Queen Victoria makes stamps compulsory for the prepayment of letters and further then sender have to purchase stamps while receiver did not need to pay anything for getting letters or parcels.

After some time the Australian colonies gets merged with the postmaster general department ( PMG ) which was responsible for the operating of telegraph and domestic telephones including the responsibility of postal mails. The first airmail service in Australia Post was get introduced in 1914 after that it becomes easy and fast to deliver packages to other countries also. Till then the Australian post is expanding it’s service for the customers and increase the range of it’s products , now this postal service is operating in main three core areas which are

1 . letters and associated services

2 . Retail merchandise and agency services

3 . Parcel and logistics

You can not only do a normal delivery for your parcel even Australia post also gives you the facility of express or courier post Australia service with the help of its messenger post which is also known as the Startrack courier. There are different services provided by Australia post as we told you earlier let us know what they are –


Letters and associated services

In this service the Australia Post collects the letters then the processing goes on and after that those letters were got distributed to their respective destinations in the whole Australian community or in between of Australia and in the other countries overseas. You can also get the facility of bulk delivery service in which you can send your emails in the bulk which is specially for the business and community organization.

Agency services and retail merchandise

Australia Post also gives the service to the third party agencies in which they can connect to the consumers , business or government bodies like for the bill payment services , identity services or banking services , identity services etc. It is also offering the personal finance products like insurance of car and travel vehicles or the facility of currency conversion. In another service of Australia Post which is given to the retail merchandise includes a huge variety of complementary products , collectible items , packaging products , or the post boxes which are offering in the outer area of Australia for growing the network of Australia Post.

Parcels and logistics

In this service the Australia Post collects the parcels from costumers and then after processing it delivers them to their destination address either domestic or international , it gives the delivery service for the single parcel and multi parcel both consignments. It also provides the facility of tracking and tracing to the customers for their package.

As we learned that tracking services are also provided by Australia Post then what is this tracking system and how we can track it. Today we will share with you that how you can easily and comfortably track your package which has been sended through Auspost tracking. Their different methods with help of which you can easily track your package for knowing these all different methods read it completely. Let us know these different methods of tracking our parcel or consignment of Australia Post parcel

Method – 1 : Tracking the Australian package online

For tracking your package online from the website of Australia tracking post you just need to follow these below mentioned simple steps –

Step – 1 : In the first step you have to go to the official website of australia post in which you will tack your package and for visiting directly to the australia post official website you need to click on the below link after clicking on it you will be redirected to that page.

Step – 2 : After clicking on the website you will be redirected to the new window where you will see a box at the top. In this box, you need to enter your Australia post tracking number in the box and in this box you can easily fill up to 10 different tracking numbers of different packages for tracking all of them at the single click. You will get the tracking number of your parcel from the bill which you get from the post office after giving your package for delivery.

Step – 3 : Now, after typing all of the tracking numbers in the provided box you need to click on the option of the track which is present at the right side of the box.

Step – 4 : So , after clicking the track option you will be sended to the next window where you will see all of the complete tracking detail of your package and can get the details.

So , you can see it is very simple for getting details of your package you just have to follow these simple steps and have your tracking number with you.

Method – 2 : Tracking the package with help of Australia Post app

Australia Post has also provided the Android application of it’s own for the users where you can get all of the details related to your package either the delivery charges or the tracking details of your package. Forgetting this app to your mobile you just need to follow these below provided simple steps –

Step – 1 : From your mobile device, first of all, go to the google play store, open it and you will see a search bar at the top of your screen. In this search box you need to type Australia Post and click on the search icon.

Step – 2 : After clicking on the search icon a list of some apps get open in front of you from which you need to click on the first option. After clicking on it a new tab will get open on your screen.

Step – 3 : At the mid right side of your screen you will see the option of install. Click on that option , a new dialogue box will get appeared in front of your doing for the permission you have to click on the option of accept. After it your downloading will begin shortly.

Step – 4 : Now , wait till the downloading procedure gets completed after the downloading finish you will see the icon of Australia post international tracking at the home screen of your device. Now , open the app and you can do or search anything which you want to know or can also get the tracking detail of your package by just simply entering the tracking number of your package.

Closure ,

So you can see how simple is this tracking of your package you just need to follow these above mentioned simple and easy steps. We have explained each and every step of tracking so that you do not face any kind of problem but still if you face any problem then you can Australia post contact us or tell your problem we will be here for your help. Hope after following these steps you will be safely able to track your package.

Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQ’s )

Ques – 1: How do I come to know that my international parcel is holding under the customs?

Ans – 1 : when your package is delayed for any period or keeps on hold then you will receive mail regarding this , if there is more delay then they will also contact to the senders address directly for telling them about the delay. When you track your package you will see their the status of possible delay which also denotes that your package has been held under the custom delay.

Ques – 2: For some packages at the time of tracking I got the estimated date of delivery but sometimes do not. Why ?

Ans – 2 : When you track your item which are delivering then there are some factors which decide that when will your package get deliver –

Reasons due to which you gets the estimated date of delivery for your package are :

1 . The destination of the package that from where it is sended and to which location the package is going to be delivered.

2 . Which delivery service you are using for sending your package.

Reasons which decide that you will not get the delivery date as it is not possible to predict are –

1 . If any of the important information is missing which is not provided by the sended on the package.

2 . If your international item is delivered by any other carrier.

Ques – 3: The tracking status of my parcel is showing as in transit, what does this mean?

Ans – 3 : The tracking status ‘ in transit ‘ for your package means that your item is on the way for the delivery to the destination location or in simple words it also means that your parcel has not been delivered yet. After in transit when your parcel will get delivered you will see the status to be changed as to delivered or waiting for collection.

Ques – 4: When I try to track my package it shows the status of product not trackable or item cannot be tracked. What does this mean?

Ans – 4: If you are seeing your status as ‘ product not trackable ‘ or any message like sorry, the item cannot be tacked then it means that your parcel has been delivered by any of the international services which is not having the standard feature of tracking. Such type of packages include the registered post international and international economy services. For such item, you will not be able to see any tracking status.

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